Ivey Raby

Brief info

Meet Ivey Raby, a devoted animal aficionado residing in her hometown of Six Mile, SC. With a lifelong passion for animals, Ivey seamlessly integrated herself into the veterinary field and has never looked back. Her dream job? She's living it! In fact, she's living multiple dreams. Endowed with a heart brimming with love for animals and backed by 6 years of extensive experience in the veterinary realm, Ivey stands as your ultimate go-to guru for pet care and pampering.

Not only is she a licensed veterinary technician, but Ivey also holds the esteemed title of a certified groomer. Additionally, she proudly owns and operates On Point Grooming, a testament to her dedication and expertise in the realm of pet grooming.

When she's not enchanting pets with her care and skills, Ivey can be found amidst the serenity of her home, surrounded by her cherished companions: three dogs, goats, chickens, and a couple of charmingly quirky emus. As an avid adventurer, Ivey harbors a profound desire to explore Australia, a destination firmly entrenched on her bucket list. Yet, in the interim, her ideal day is one spent camping amidst the vibrant foliage of fall, alongside her beloved family and friends.