Injuries & Illness

When your pet clearly isn’t feeling like themselves, it is important to have your pet evaluated as soon as possible. There is no substitute for a hands-on physical exam to help determine the underlying cause and best treatment options for an illness or injury.


Injuries: Injuries are often very straightforward and can be diagnosed upon physical exam. Some injuries, though, require additional diagnostics. In any case, your veterinarian will start with an examination of your pet and determine the best next step from there. Common examples of injuries are wounds and broken bones.

Illness: Illnesses can be a little trickier than injuries to diagnose and often require tests beyond a physical examination to identify the underlying cause. Acute illnesses are those that come on suddenly. Examples may be infections or gastrointestinal upset from dietary indiscretion. These can occur in pets of any age and, while most illnesses are not emergencies, it is important that your pet be evaluated as soon as possible to prevent worsening of their condition. The goal of the treatment of acute illnesses is to reach a cure and this is usually achieved.

Chronic illnesses are those that pets have had for a long time and will likely persist for the remainder of the pet’s life. Examples may include allergies, autoimmune diseases, organ dysfunction, or cancer. Although these types of illnesses may also affect pets of all ages they are more common in elderly pets. Treating chronic diseases typically does not result in a cure. Rather, the goal is to manage the disease in a way that keeps pets happy and comfortable.

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