Saying goodbye to a pet can be one of the most difficult things a person does in their life. As much as we would like to keep our pets with us forever there comes a point when we need to let them go. It is at that point where euthanasia becomes necessary. Upon arrival to the clinic an IV catheter will be placed to ease the administration of the euthanasia drugs. While the catheter is being placed you will be asked to sign a consent form authorizing us to euthanize your pet as well as have your wishes for aftercare confirmed. Once the paperwork is signed and your pet’s IV catheter is in place your veterinarian will administer a sedative to ensure that your pet is relaxed. Finally, the euthanasia drug will be administered to allow your pet to pass peacefully. Aftercare options include cremation of your pet with or without return of their ashes to you or your pet may be taken home for burial. We encourage owners to be with their pet during the euthanasia as this will decrease your pet’s anxiety. Please note that we will not euthanize pets who have easily treatable health issues or who have not been evaluated by a veterinarian.

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Our goal is to get ahead of any potential problems through regular care and help provide the best life possible for your pet.