For the safety of our staff, our clients, and their pets, only staff is allowed to handle patients during exams and procedures.


We understand that life happens and we all run late to appointments from time to time. However, any late arrivals cause a cascading effect that affects appointments for the rest of the day. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to help us keep everyone’s appointments running on time.

Below is our late and no-show policy:

Arrivals within 5 minutes after the scheduled appointment time will be treated as on time arrivals for two visits. After that any late arrival within 5 minutes past the scheduled appointment time will be treated as a work-in.

Arrivals between 5 – 15 minutes of scheduled appointment time will be treated as work-ins and persistent late arrivals (beyond 2) may incur a late arrival fee.

Arrivals beyond 15 minutes past scheduled appointment time will be rescheduled and may incur a no show fee.

Clients who do not show for their appointments without calling will incur a no show fee but may reschedule their appointment.

Clients who do not show up to two or more appointments without calling ahead of time will be required to pay in advance for any appointments scheduled in the future in addition to incurring a no-show fee.

With the exception of appointments scheduled the same day, appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance.


All payment is due at time of service.

For surgeries a deposit of the low end of the estimate is required at the time of surgical admission.

For hospitalizations a deposit of the low end of the estimate is required at the time of admission.

In emergency situations a payment for stabilization and/or CPR attempts is required at the time of admission.


Pets who are aggressive will be required to wear a muzzle and may be required to take sedative medications prior to their visits.


We understand that veterinary visits can be stressful and, at times, frustrating. We do our best to exceed our clients’ expectations but even with our best efforts we may occasionally fall short. When this happens we hope that our clients will give us the opportunity to improve and we will welcome calm and kind approaches to help us do just that. However, unkind or abusive behavior will not be tolerated in any situation. This is a zero-tolerance policy. In the event that our staff is treated in an inhumane manner the veterinary-client relationship between Pinnacle Veterinary Group and the client will be immediately terminated and all medical records will be emailed to the client once any outstanding balance is paid.


Prescriptions requested outside of scheduled appointment times require 24 hours notice to be filled.

Prescriptions requested to be filled by outside pharmacies will be either called in or faxed only.

A prescription fee will be charged for prescription requests received from outside pharmacies.


All pets, regardless of lifestyle, are required to be up to date on their rabies vaccines in order to be patients of Pinnacle Veterinary Group. This is for the safety of our staff. If a pet is ill and requires medical attention but is not up to date on their rabies vaccines we will treat the pet with the understanding that once the pet is well they will get their rabies vaccine. The pet will not be allowed to return to Pinnacle Veterinary Group for subsequent visits until the rabies vaccine is updated.