A Different Approach to Veterinary Medicine

Pinnacle Veterinary Group was born out of the vision of Dr. Teri Worl to provide a different approach to veterinary medicine for cats, dogs, and exotic pets. Dr. Worl has had a diverse background in veterinary medicine from private practice, running a house-call practice, shelter medicine, and emergency medicine. Her veterinary interests include wellness and geriatric care, quality of life management, pain management, and critical care. Her education and extensive experience in veterinary medicine forged a vision for a different kind of practice that focuses on total pet wellness based on the best medical care throughout the life of your pet.

A Journey Together

We offer a full line of services to our patients, whether it is wellness and preventative care, diagnostics and labs, digital radiography and ultrasound, surgeries, emergency medicine, geriatric, prescriptions, palliative care, or end of life care. We would love to be part of your journey with your pet.
We voluntarily earned the AAHA Accreditation, because of our dedication to veterinary excellence. The American Animal Hospital Association (aaha.org) is the only accrediting organization for veterinary medicine. Veterinary medicine does not have mandatory standards, unlike human medicine where maintaining accreditation is annual and mandatory. Call, email, or use our contact form to find out more about us, or to schedule an appointment. Let us help provide the best medical care for all stages of your pet’s life.

Our Logo Is the Heart of Our Mission and Vision

The Pinnacle logo is not just another purchased corporate logo. It is actually Dr. Worl’s dog, Sydney, and her cat, Apollo (both pictured). Two pets whose hearts and souls intertwined with hers. The logo serves as a constant reminder of what Pinnacle Veterinary Group is all about. Dr. Worl captures the essence of the logo, “When I see the Pinnacle Veterinary Group logo I see my Sydney and Apollo. It reminds me that every pet I see may be someone else’s Sydney or Apollo and it is both my responsibility and privilege to offer the best possible medical options to each and every one of them.”
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Our goal is to get ahead of any potential problems through regular care and help provide the best life possible for your pet.